All contact lenses are final sale and cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.
eotd will not accept any return of contact lenses; If you return contacts lenses, they will not be processed by the return team and will be discarded with no refund possible.

BUT, if you received a WRONG item...
please contact our customer service WITHIN 7 DAYS after receiving your package, with pictures of ALL the wrong items you received.
We will make replacements for the wrong items once we check what went wrong and have checked ALL the wrong items.

If you have confirmed that all the items you received are correct, please open ALL the products you received and check through the blister for any defects
Check if your contacts are physically damaged through the blister packages and DO NOT OPEN THE BLISTER, until you confirm that your contacts are intact.
In case you check of a physical defect on your contacts(that can be seen through the eye), such as torn contacts and/or stains
Please contact us WITHIN 14 DAYS of receiving your items along with:
1. a LOT number picture of the defective lense
2. a picture that proves physical defects in an UNOPENED blister pack.

We will make reimbursement after we have internally checked all of the above.

Contacts will not be inspected for returns if for the following reasons:
- Frozen lenses
- Contacts slightly moving around or not following your iris
(This condition might be caused by dryness and/or contact size not fitting your eye.)
- Mild discomfort and dryness
- Change of mind

If you receive a FAULTY item...
If you have clear symptoms in your eyes that is beyond mild irritation, please contact us WITHIN 14 DAYS of receiving your package along with the following information:
1. a LOT number of the defective lenses
2. a picture that proves your symptoms
3. a photo with the defective lens cut in half
This process is to ensure your safety and prevent customers from using faulty contacts.
After we check the defects and the process above, you may receive a replacement or a refund.

Irritation in your eyes?
Irritation in your eyes when wearing contacts can be caused by various reasons, like the following:
1. contacts being contaminated
the accumulation of protein deposits and debris on your lens may cause the eyes to burn by reducing the oxygen permeability of your lenses.
Rinsing your contacts with solution and even putting them to rest in solution for 24hrs, might solve this problem
2. your eyes are not in the optimal condition to wear contacts
Dry eyes can also cause eye-burns when contact lenses are worn. Please use eye drops before wearing contacts or give your eyes some time to recover to a normal state.
3. you are sensitive to the contact lens solution
You may be allergic to preservatives or other ingredients in the lens solution. Please check with your eye doctor for further examination of your eye conditions.
4. the contact solution might be contaminated
Please rinse your contact with fresh solution and keep your contacts in a cleased lens case for at least 24hrs.

Please be aware that the safety of our customers is of utmost importance. If you do have any severe problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You may cancel your oder within 6 hours after payment, however if the order is already shipped, the cancellation may not be accepted.